About Enysea&staff


ABOUT Enysea

Hi, we are diving service Enysea in Iriomote Island, Okinawa. We have restored our diving shop and launched Western style Bed & Breakfast accommodation in 2015. Let's enjoy diving with us!

Beside normal diving, we have many options such as night dive and SUP cruise. There are lots more to enjoy nature of Iriomote Island.

Our diving boat “La Reina 2” can take you to Ogan spot (50 mins), Hateruma Island (60 mins) and other special area around Iriomote Island. La Reina has a big sunshade, hot shower and of course, clean toilet. We promise your comfortable boat ride.

We hope you to come visit to Iriomote for your ultimate vacation.



The owner of Enysea. Worked as scuba diving guide in Okinawa, Palau and Mexico. In 2006, he opened Enysea in Iriomote Island where he loves the most. “We can offer an order made diving for each needs. Please enjoy your vacation with our special service and skills. Come and visit us.”


Originally from Tochigi Prefecture. His physical and mental power are full on to sea of Iriomote Island. He is a young gun of Enysea who loves comic and baseball.

La ReinaⅡ

Our sea goddess “La Reina2” is a workhorse!

She can take you to Ogan spot (50 mins), Hateruma Island (60 mins) and other special area around Iriomote Island. Attached sound stereo, side cover and big sunshade give you comfortable ride even on windy or rainy day. Hot shower and clean toilets with lavatory are popular for women.

We can also fill up scuba tank on the boat, which makes our diving smooth and no stress. Capacity: 26 pax.


We are currently opening for staffs who love ocean and people. Let's enjoy the island life in Iriomote with us. Please feel free to contact us.



Positions available

1.diving staff
2. resort staff

1. diving staff
(18 to 30 years old)


Instructor, diver, regular driver's license
(Divemaster or above is negotiable)


Monthly salary from 2,000,000 yen + ability-based salary
Consideration will be given according to experience and qualifications.

*We also have an internship program.
We can also help you obtain professional certification while you work.
We will pay for the cost of acquiring the license.

Intern monthly salary: 170,000 yen~ 2.

2. inn resort staff
(18 to 30 years old)


Passenger car license


Monthly salary 1,700,000 yen~

Remarks (common to 1. and 2.)

Various social insurances, dormitory, meals included

How to apply (1.2. common)

Please contact us by phone or e-mail.
Contact person: Mr. Miyamoto

For more details, please feel free to contact us!
If you like the sea and people
Let's have a fun island life together!